Course Details: Seafish: Advanced Fish Quality Assessment training course

Jan 21, 2019 to Jan 25, 2019

Cost = £1,000.00

To find out more or to register your interest, please email or telephone 01472 252345.

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The Advanced Fish Quality Assessment course is an intensely practical and detailed training course from Seafish. There is currently no other course like it delivered in the UK. In the last 10 years, Seafish has delivered Advanced Fish Quality Assessment training courses to managers, buyers, fish inspectors, fishmongers and other experts in the seafood industry.

This is a five day course which is taught through a mixture of theoretical and practical modules, delivered by an industry expert and Seafish approved trainer.

During the course you will learn the following:

 How to apply Torry raw and cooked schemes;

 Quality Index Method used for fish/seafood;

 How to assess whitefish, flatfish and oil rich fish;

 How to set up teams and schemes;

 How to train staff in fish quality assessment and set up new in-house schemes.

The January 2019 Advanced Fish Quality Assessment course is now open for reservations.

To find out more or to register your interest, please email or telephone 01472 252345.

For merchants, processors, fishmongers, fish friers, buyers and seafood experts.

Course Details

Venue: Grimsby Seafood Village Training School

Course Fees: £1,000 per participant

Course dates: 21st to 25th January 2019

Dress Code: Please bring along your own safe footwear and clothing. Boots and coats can

be provided if you wish. Please provide sizes when you reserve your place.

Refreshments: hot and cold drinks are available during the course.

Future courses: To be confirmed subject to demand.

Bookings: Bookings will be confirmed after dates are announced.

Next Steps: Contact Seafish to reserve a place or find out more.


Course Outline:

Monday: Theory sessions covering quality assessment, setting up assessment teams, plus

practical taste calibration exercise and fish quality quiz;

Tuesday: Practical assessment of white fish quality;

Wednesday: Practical assessment of flatfish quality;

Thursday: Practical assessment of oil

rich fish quality plus using other

assessment schemes (theory);

Friday; Standardisation of assessment

practices (theory), assessment of

locally sourced - mostly supermarket

fish products (practical), review and



Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 16:00,

Friday 08:30 - 13:00.