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Personal Details of MFS Candidates – Privacy Policy

  1. The Fishmongers’ Company (the Company) processes personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998). To ensure that the information we hold is accurate and up-to-date, please ensure that we are promptly informed of any relevant change to your contact details.
  2. When you register on the Master Fishmonger Standard (MFS) website, the Company or the Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust will collect from you only those data that are necessary for the registration and administration of your entry into the MFS, and we reserve the right to contact you directly to follow up on your application.
  1. On completion of your application, we may contact you to request that your information and picture is include in print and electronic communications about the MFS.
  2. You may submit further information at your own discretion (for example, alternative contact information, research interests and professional qualifications, etc).
  3. We store your data within secure systems onsite at Fishmongers’ Hall, London, and also on secure offsite servers located within the European Economic Area.
  4. Your data will only be available to the relevant members of the Executive Staff who need to have access to them, and the Court of Assistants of the Company.
  5. We will only use your data for business purposes, such as to keep our database up to date, for internal business analytics, and to communicate with you regarding MFS and Company events and activities.
  6. Your basic contact details (telephone number or email address) may also be made available to other members of the Company, on request, for communication purposes in the interest of enhancing professional connections.
  7. You can, at any time, let us know that you no longer wish to receive such information from the Company, or have your contact information shared with other MFS or Company members, or that you would like some or all your personal data deleted from Company records.
  8. We will not, without your consent, supply your name and address to any third party except where:
    1. the transfer is to a secure data processor who carries out data processing operations on our behalf;
    2. the transfer is to a successor in title to the business;
    3. we are required to do so by operation of law.

Administrative Matters

  1. The Company’s employees understand the content of this privacy policy and are appropriately aware of the legal requirements of data protection. Appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken against any employee who violates this policy.
  2. Should you wish to obtain a copy of the personal data that we hold on you, as soon as we are satisfied as to your identity, we will send to you, within 40 days, a copy of all the personal data that we hold concerning you.

Contact Information

  1. Please use the following contact details to get in touch with our Data Protection Officers:
    T: 020 7626 3531
    P: Data Protection Officer, Fishmongers’ Hall, London. EC4R 9EJ

Changes to this Policy

  1. We reserve the right to make changes to this Policy from time to time. When we do so, we will circulate the new Privacy Policy in place of this Policy.


  1. By agreeing to this policy, you are giving your consent for the Company to process your data for the purposes outlined above.