MFS Awards 2020

The MFS awards are back and bigger and better than ever!

Fishmongers across the UK are invited to enter a new suite of awards, recognising commitment to sustainability, engagement with the local fishing fleet, exceptional retail displays and much more. Although the Awards Ceremony has been cancelled in light of COVID-19, we will instead be announcing the winners online. Customers can also take this opportunity to nominate their favourite fishmongers for any of the awards. Winners of these awards will receive a free place on the MFS programme, a marketing grant to help promote their business and a trophy and sign celebrating their success.

You can apply yourself or nominate your favourite fishmonger by submitting the relevant supporting material to by 30 Arpil.


Blocksman of the Year

To be awarded to an individual. 

The applicant or nominator must provide: 

  • A paragraph outlining their experience in the seafood processing sector and commitment to training and development 
  • filleting video to demonstrate speed and quality


Training and Development

To be awarded to a company. 

The applicant or nominator must provide: 

  • a paragraph outlining the training and development opportunities given to their employees, which may feature:  
  • percentage of total employees / number of employees submitted into a training programme 
  • brief details of training programme on offer (i.e. length of course, objectives, practical skills taught, course providerlevel of course (i.e. apprenticeship, diploma)) 
  • encouragement given to employees to train and develop their skillset.  


Best Mobile Fish Shop

To be awarded to a single operator / company. 

The applicant or nominator must provide: 

  • photograph of themselves and their van (exterior and interior display)  
  • a paragraph outlining: 
  • The area covered by their fish van  
  • Species sold – range, best practice with regards to sourcing, quality assurances 
  • Customer service – reliability, efficient and polite service, length of service 


Best Community Outreach

To be awarded to a Company. 

The applicant or nominator must provide:  

  • A paragraph outlining their community engagement and activities (example: participating in food markets, educating the public on seafood, hosting training sessions, events in-store etc.) 
  • Supporting photographs or marketing material 


Best Fish and Shellfish counter

To be awarded to a Company. 

The applicant or nominator must provide: 

  • Photographs of their display 
  • short description about the counter to include details of the layout, daily offerings, promotions and any special features of the display


Sustainability – Retail

To be awarded to a Company. 

The applicant or nominator must provide a paragraph outlining and evidence of: 

  • the Company’s purchasing policy and procedures 
  • Instore initiatives for educating consumers on sustainable seafood  
  • Support for improving fisheries and aquaculture  


Sustainability – Seafood Processor

The applicant or nominator  must provide a paragraph outlining and evidence of: 

  • the Company’s purchasing policy and procedures 
  • Packaging: consumer engagement on sustainability 
  • Support for improving fisheries and aquaculture  


Young Fishmonger

To be awarded to an individual aged 25 and under. 

The applicant or nominator must submit a video including: 

  • what makes them the young fishmonger of the yearhighlighting their passion for and commitment to the industry 
  • a demonstration featuring filleting or preparing one fish or shellfish species  


Engagement with local fishing fleet

To be awarded to a Company. 

The applicant or nominator must provide a paragraph outlining and evidence of: 

  • the Company’s purchasing policy and procedures 
  • Initiatives for educating consumers on the local fleet 
  • Support for improving local fisheries and aquaculture