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MFS Master Fishmonger

The MFS Master Fishmonger accolade is reserved for those with at least ten years’ experience as a fishmonger.

From sea to plate, MFS Master Fishmongers demonstrate excellence in, and dedication to, their field of work within the seafood industry. As a purveyor of the finest quality seafood, their practical skills know no boundaries and they do business with integrity, standing by their principles of exemplary customer service. Over the years, they have built strong relationships to ensure the highest quality standards and have helped to influence and improve practices across the supply chain.

Achievement of the MFS Master Fishmonger accolade is significant, reserved for only the finest of fishmongers. It demonstrates their broad and balanced experiences within the industry, it celebrates their successes as a steward of the sea, and commends their continued commitment to the trade. It is an award that comes with great prestige and honour, as well as responsibility.

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Prerequisite Standard

As part of the registration process, candidates will need to meet the pre-requisite standards of the MFS Master Fishmonger Criteria, which are as follows:

  • Actively employed as a fishmonger
  • At least 10 years’ seafood industry experience
  • Food Safety (level 2) or a five star Food Hygiene rating
  • Owns their own fishmonger business or are in senior management within a seafood company
  • Supports training and development initiatives and are an advocate for the seafood industry


Certification Benefits

  • Recognition in the Fishmongers’ Company ‘Master Fishmonger Standard Register’ and on the Master Fishmonger Standard website
  • MFS Master Fishmonger embroidered badge and certificate
  • MFS Master Fishmonger plaque
  • Access to the MFS marketing fund
  • Opportunities to feature on the ‘Fish on Friday’ and social media pages
  • Invitation to attend the Master Fishmonger Standard Award Ceremony and Lunch at the Fishmongers’ Hall.
  • Awarded a paid position on the MFS Master Fishmonger panel
  • Use of the MFS Master Fishmonger logo on business website and social media pages
  • Access to the MFS member newsletter
  • Invites to fish trade events


Application Process

  1. Download and read the Candidate Guide
    Familiarise yourself with the details of the application process and the Criteria for the MFS Master Fishmonger tier.
  2. Register Online
    Obtain a username and password, log in, pay and apply for the relevant tier
  3. Self-Assessment Form and Portfolio
    Use the Candidate Guide to help you complete the self-assessment form, as well as assemble the supporting documentation required for your portfolio. When you are ready, you should submit your documentation to the Standard for evaluation.
  4. Review of your Application
    Upon submission of your documents, the MFS office will review your documents. Successful applications will be assigned a certified MFS Master Assessor, who will review your application. Your Assessor may request further documentation, if they feel that the requirements of the Criteria have not been demonstrated.
  5. Professional Discussion
    Once your Assessor feels you are ready, a professional discussion will be arranged. This can be conducted in person or over the phone. The professional discussion will provide you with an opportunity to discuss your achievements in the fish trade. You will need to achieve a pass mark of 50 % to go onto the next stage.
  6. Practical Observation
    Once you have passed the professional discussion, a practical observation will be arranged at your place of work, or you can submit video evidence. During the Practical Observation, you will be asked to demonstrate a series of practical skills. You will need to achieve a pass mark of 70% to receive the MFS Master Fishmonger accolade.
  7. After Your Assessment
    Based on the evidence provided, your Assessors will make a recommendation to the MFS Master Panel about your award. If the Panel feel that further work is required before you meet the standards of the accolade, then you will be advised on what steps need to be taken. Your assessor will keep you informed about the timescale and how you will be informed of the result.
  8. Successful candidates will be notified of their certificate and issued with a unique MFS certification number. MFS Master Fishmongers will be recorded in the official Fishmongers’ Company’s Master Fishmonger Standard Register and will be presented with their certificate at an annual ceremony held at the Fishmongers’ Hall in London.
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All candidates must pay the MFS application fees and the MFS Assessment fees.

MFS Master Fishmonger application fees £125 

MFS Professional Discussion £65

MFS Practical Observation £65

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