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Recognising achievement across all levels and different disciplines, the Master Fishmonger Standard is composed of five tiers:


MFS Young Fishmonger Award

The MFS Young Fishmonger award:

  • is for fishmongers aged under 25
  • rewards young people who have made outstanding contribution to the fishmonger trade
  • provides an opportunity to showcase your technical skills and your passion for and commitment to the trade

MFS Recognised Fishmonger

An MFS Recognised Fishmonger:

  • is a fishmonger or blockman working at an independent fish retailer, seafood processing facility, fish counter or in a fish van
  • has 2 years + experience in the fish trade
  • a Food Safety (level 2) certificate

MFS Craft Fishmonger

An MFS Craft Fishmonger:

  • is a fishmonger or blocksman
  • has at least 4 years’ industry experience
  • a Food Safety (level 2) certificate
  • a HACCP (level 1) certificate

MFS Advanced Fishmonger

An MFS Advanced Fishmonger:

  • is a supervisor or manager of an independent fish retailer or seafood processing facility, or is the manager of a fish counter in a supermarket, independent fish counter or fish van
  • trains and mentors less experienced fishmongers
  • has 5 years + experience in the fish trade
  • a Food Safety (level 2) certificate

MFS Master Fishmonger

An MFS Master Fishmonger:

  • is the founder or owner of an independent fish retailer or works in senior management within a large seafood processing facility, chain of fishmonger shops or supermarket with substantial fishmonger experience
  • has 10 years + experience in the fish trade
  • Food Safety (level 2) or a five star Food Hygiene rating
  • Meets the MFS Criteria Statements

MFS Companion Fishmonger

An MFS Companion Fishmonger:

  • has made significant achievements within the fishmonger trade
  • has likely owned and operated their own fishmonger business
  • is an advocate for the fish trade
  • retired from the industry

Applications are now open

You can register and start your application today. You can also take our MFS quiz to find out what level you should apply for.


The Application Process

We recognise that each fishmonger has experienced their own unique journey to get where they are today; that’s why we’ve created a certification programme around you. Whether you’ve learnt your skills on the job, in a classroom or at sea, we invite you to demonstrate how you fulfil the MFS Criteria.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
Take the MFS Quiz and discover what type of MFS Fishmonger you are

Step 2: 
Log on, complete the application form, upload your documents and pay the registration fees

Step 3: 
Enrol in the MFS Course (optional, for MFS Recognised Fishmongers, MFS Advanced Fishmongers and MFS Craft Fishmongers only)

Step 4:
Take the MFS Assessment online, at your place of work or at a local training facility

Step 5: 
Wait for your results

Take the MFS Course

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The Benefits of Recognition

  • Showcase your story, your passion and your business
  • Enhance your skills, experience and knowledge
  • Connect with others in the fish trade
  • Access exclusive events Improve consumer confidence in the seafood industry
  • Inspire the fishmongers of tomorrow