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MFS Recognised Online Course:

The MFS Recognised Online Course is designed to cover all the information required for you to be able to pass the assessment for the Recognised tier. Covering health and safety, food and nutrition, customer service and much more, the course will provide a comprehensive overview of all key aspects of fishmongering.

Made up of a series of easy-to-follow videos and knowledge tests, the course is designed to be completed at times suited to you, at home, on your lunch break or on your commute, allowing you to fit it around your busy schedules.

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MFS Learning Resources

The following resources have been developed for candidates needing to take the MFS Assessment, consisting of a knowledge test and a practical observation. You are advised to work through the booklets and read or watch the recommended learning resources.

Once you have finished answering all of the questions, you can check your answers using the answer guide. Working through this document will help to ensure that you pass the MFS Assessment and achieve MFS certification. For those seeking extra help, why not enrol in the MFS Course?



The Seafood Academy

If you wish, you can prepare for the MFS Assessment day independently. The MFS have teamed up with the ‘Seafood Training Academy’ to provide you with a host of relevant learning resources and materials. There are video links, workbooks and information packs on a variety of topics related to being a fishmonger! All of the resources are free to download.

It is highly recommended that candidates utilise this resource prior to embarking upon their journey on the Master Fishmonger Standard.


Apprenticeship Training Providers

The following apprenticeship training providers have been recognised  by Seafish as meeting a high standard of apprenticeship support with respect to materials, trainers, resources and experience.

For further information about apprenticeships, please contact the respective organisations direct or click here.


Approved Training Providers

Seafish have a network of approved training providers.  To find out more please visit this webpage.


Northern Ireland

  • Southern Regional College


  • Polaris Learning


  • Cambrian Training