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MFS Advanced Fishmonger

The MFS Advanced Fishmonger accolade is reserved for those with at least five years’ experience as a fishmonger.

MFS Advanced Fishmongers have a significant role to play in the food chain, both as a procurer and provider of food. They understand the importance of sourcing products that come from environmentally and ethically sound fisheries, and help to increase consumer confidence in the seafood industry.

MFS Advanced Fishmongers inspire the fishmongers of tomorrow through leadership, forming partnerships with those who share their vision for a healthy, prosperous and sustainable fish and fisheries sector. To be an MFS Advanced Fishmonger is to be an innovator, a forward thinker and a catalyst for change.

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Prerequisite Standard

As part of the registration process, candidates will need to meet the pre-requisite standards of the MFS Advanced Fishmonger Criteria, as follows:

  • Actively employed as a fishmonger or fishmonger trainer
  • At least 5 years’ seafood industry experience
  • Food Safety qualification (level 2)
  • Understands the seafood supply chain, quality assessment, food safety and HACCP, handling and processing, as well as business and finance
  • A supervisor or manager within the fishmonger trade


Certification Benefits

  • Recognition in the Fishmongers’ Company ‘Master Fishmonger Standard Register’ and on the Master Fishmonger Standard website
  • MFS Advanced Fishmonger embroidered badge and certificate
  • Access to the MFS member newsletter
  • A copy of ‘The Seafood Guide: A comprehensive guide to fish and shellfish available in the UK’ produced by Seafish
  • Invites to fish trade events
  • Opportunities to feature on the ‘Fish on Friday’ website and social media pages
  • Use of the MFS Advanced logo on your website and social media pages
  • ‘Basic Fishing Methods: A Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Fishing Methods’ written by Mike Montgomerie, Seafish


Application Process

  1. Download and read the Candidate Guide
    Familiarise yourself with the details of the application process and the Criteria for the MFS Advanced Fishmonger tier.
  2. Register and apply
    Obtain a username and password, log in, pay the registration fees and apply for the relevant tier.
  3. Self-Assessment Form and Portfolio
    Use the Candidate Guide to help you complete the online self-assessment form, as well as assemble and upload the supporting documentation required.
  4. Review of your Application
    Upon submission of your documents, the MFS office will review your documents. Successful applications will be assigned an Assessor, who will review your application.
  5. MFS Assessment: Knowledge Test and Practical Observation
    Once your Assessor feels you are ready, a knowledge test and practical observation will be arranged online, at your place of work or at a training facility near you. You will need to achieve a pass rate of 70% in both the knowledge test and practical observation. If you have already demonstrated that you fulfil the Criteria of an MFS Advanced Fishmonger during the self-assessment form, then you will be allowed to skip the MFS Assessment component.
  6. Review
    Successful candidates will be notified of their certificate and issued with a unique MFS certification number.
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MFS Course

Feeling overwhelmed or underprepared for the MFS Assessment?

Why not enrol in the Master Fishmonger Standard Course provided by the Seafood School at the historic Billingsgate Market in London?

The MFS Course can help to prepare you for your Knowledge Test and Practical Observation. We can tailor the course to your needs, covering the following topics:

  • Seafood Quality Assessment
  • HACCP for fishmongers
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Hand and Knife Preparation Skills
  • Retail Display Skills
  • Nutrition / Cooking
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All candidates must pay the MFS application fees.
MFS Advanced Fishmonger application fees £85

Depending on your level of experience and academic training you may need to take the MFS Assessment.

MFS Knowledge Test £25

MFS Practical Observation £65

To help you prepare for the MFS Assessment, you can  choose to enrol in the MFS Course at the Seafood School at Billingsgate.
MFS Courses, starting at £55

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