Robinson’s Fresh Food

Robinson's Fresh Food, Ballapaddag, Cooil Road, Braddan, Isle of Man, IM4 2AF

Call: 01624 690000

Accredited Fishmongers:

Jordan Keig Young Fishmonger Award Winning June 2019
Jordan Keig Recognised Fishmonger March 2021
Jay Gore Master Fishmonger March 2021

Jordan Keig - Jordan has been a fishmonger for the last three years, starting at the age of 18. He works at Robinson’s Fresh Food on the Isle of Man, who supply seafood for 95 percent of the island’s restaurants. He is a strong supporter of the local fishing fleet and enjoys engaging with customers to keep them informed about their fish and answering any questions they have.

Jay Gore - I am delighted to have received this prestige’s accolade.

I started my journey in the seafood industry at the age of 16, being on the beautiful Isle of Man and surrounded by the Irish sea seafood is never too far way.

Promoting the seafood industry and developing and training young fishmongers is a passion of mine. Especially promoting the stunning seafood available on the island.

I hope to continue to grow, learn and develop within the industry and look forwards to the years ahead.