Ursula Staske-Lewis


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Accredited Fishmongers:

Ursula Staske-Lewis Master Fishmonger October 2021

Ursula is a Master Fishmonger with a wealth of fish industry knowledge and skills thanks to her 25+ years in a variety of seafood industry roles.

She started her journey as a fish training specialist for Marr Seafood Foods in Hull, then was head hunted by various Training Providers, delivering Apprenticeships and relevant qualifications to Supermarkets, Fishmongers, Fish and Chip shops/Fish Restaurants and Processors.

Alongside the apprenticeships she delivers Food Safety, Health and Safety, HACCP and much more across the UK.

Ursula is approved by the Sea Fish Industry Authority as a trainer to deliver many of their onshore programmes.

She is also writing the Curriculum and Workbooks for the Fishmonger Apprenticeship Standard being delivered in England to Apprentices.

Ursula has also been a Fish Industry Expert for Ofqual and was part of the industry expert group that helped Fishmongers Company establish the Master Fishmonger Standard scheme.